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VININGS ESTATES  Elegant and Sophisicated  Upscale Mableton Living
ALEXANDER New Home Construction
PROVIDENCE Wonderful John Weiland Federalist Styled Homes
VININGS COVE Cozy, Quaint and Elegant - Great Location
ANNE PLACE Quite and peace neighborhood with great sized lots
SHANNON GREEN Contemporary styled homes
KINGS LAKE Nice entry level townhomes
VININGS VINTAGE Middle income Executive Homes
CREEKSIDE AT VININGS Where you get more bang for your buck
VININGS SPRINGS Mableton best hidden secret
BARNES MILL The best selling neighborhood in Cobb County for 2008-2009
Highland Village One of only a few Earthcraft Homes in Mableton
HERITAGE LAKES One of the best developed neighborhoods in Mableton
Buckland Oaks One of Mableton's most exclusive neighborhood
MILFORD WOODS Estabiished famous Cobb Neighborhood
WETHERBROOKE Beyond suburban chic  - Great location
THE RETREAT AT OLD VIN The ideal suburban neighborhood with swin and tennis facilities
HIGHLANDS VIEW More than what you would expect for the price
SILVER CREEK Nice entry entry level homes
STONEYBROOK Mature Woodsy Neighborhood